Graciela Herrero

Graciela Herrero is from Uruguay. She now lives in Georgia, in a little house with a big yard, where plants have a name, and all animals are welcome. She lives with her dog and her cat and is close to her two grown boys.

The illustrations in this book are the product of prayer for God’s guidance and search within her heart to express feelings of happiness, sorrow, peace, comfort in the hope of helping the hurting heart of a child seek and find God’s peace during loss.

Graciela’s God-given passion for art made her a sculptor and an illustrator. She loves God and all of His creation. Her drawings express how much love is shared in this world and how we, and even more children, suffer when they experience the loss of a loved one, but that loss is not final, nor is it the end of the story for a Christian.



God gave me the privilege of becoming the mother of two unique young men.  They were the focus of my days for many years as I raised them as a single mother.  They have been and continue to be the biggest blessing in my life.


I am a full-time secretary in a school where big smiles on little faces make every effort worthwhile.  Thankful to serve wonderful teachers that work diligently to make a difference in each child’s life.

Sculpter & Artist

My great passion is sculpting with clay.  I enjoy every aspect of making a piece; the ideas, research, preparing the clay, the need for communion with the material, knowledge of possibilities and limitations.  Recently, I discovered the same in this new 2D world of illustrations.  Getting to know watercolors, their possibilities, and their limitations as I study how their properties will help me convey feelings and ideas; fascinating.

Let’s make something together.